New improved BIORI styles


Dear Retailer, if you look at the slideshow below you see the improved styles that have arrived or will shortly and further down more information about our products;


BIORI 5101 (briefcase improved with a trolley strap and a zipped padded pocket at the front)

BIORI 5106 (computer backpack with reinforcements)

BIORI 5107 (shopper with zipper and more pockets)

BIORI 5110 (improved grab handle and now a padded front pocket)

BIORI 5118 (now with lining and a back pocket)

BIORI 5065 is only available in brown. 

BIORI 5110 is only available in brown.

BIORI 5108 is no longer in the BIORI collection.

BIORI 5116 is no longer in the BIORI collection.

BIORI 5121 is only available in brown.


Best Regards BIORI AB

  • BIORI 5101 improved with a trolley strap
  • BIORI 5101 improved with a zipped padded front pocket
  • BIORI 5106
  • BIORI 5106 improved with a lowered computer pocket and reinforcements
  • BIORI 5107
  • BIORI 5107 with lining and pockets
  • BIORI 5110 with improved grab handle and a padded zipped front pocket
  • BIORI 5118
  • BIORI 5118 with lining and a zipped pocket at the back



Image bank for Retailers:

The pictures start with BIORI

logo and then a mixture of bags and then the collection:

BIORI 5030 and then follows the rest....   









Mixture of BIORI bags;




BIORI  5100, 5110, 5115 and 5121

BIORI 5030, 5104 and 5118

BIORI 5030

BIORI 5031

BIORI 5038

BIORI 5041

BIORI 5042

BIORI 5047

BIORI 5065

BIORI 5100

BIORI 5101

BIORI 5104

BIORI 5106

BIORI 5107

BIORI 5108

BIORI 5110

BIORI 5111

BIORI 5112

BIORI 5115

BIORI 5116 no longer in BIORI collection

BIORI 5117

BIORI 5118

BIORI 5119

BIORI 5120

Great Thanks!


Thanks All Retail Shops in Sweden, Denmark & Finland that have BIORI in your Stores. That means much to us.


We always try to improve our styles. From in put from you and your customers we try to develop bags after demand. This can sometimes mean differences on the bags on same styles. Each bag is handcrafted so measurements can differ sometimes. 


We keep the stock for you so you can order whenever you want. All our bags are sold piecewise and usually for immediate delivery. On this page there are several pictures you can use in your marketing.


Best Regards,


Sofia Älverdal